Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

My sister is now 17, but when she was a preschooler, my mom was always afraid that she would lose Olivia during public outings. Olivia was the first and only of the children in our family on whom my mom considered putting a child leash. She wouldn’t usually listen when told to stay put, frequently darting out into parking lots. My mom told Olivia {when she was about three} that if she continued to run out into the parking lots, she might get hit by a car and die.

Responding to the suggestion that she would die if hit by a car, Olivia said with confidence and a smart-aleck snap of the neck, “Well then I would just raise from the dead!!

Talk about an invincibility complex!!...Did I mention we were in the midst of the Easter season? ;-)

This isn’t REALLY a tiny talk, but something that always cracks me up is when little children laugh at something that they can’t possibly understand, wanting to be a part of the joke that the adults are sharing. One day Mr. Stewart called one of the students “A-town,” mis-pronouncing this child’s name by mangling the vowel sound in the second syllable.

“A-town?” I teased.
“As in Atlanta?” I laughed at his fumble.

Overhearing our conversation, three year-old R----- looked up at me and cracked up. She rolled her eyes and gave me a knowing look as if she and I shared a joke against Mr. Stewart, and suggesting that she {as a three year-old} somehow understands how silly and clueless the opposite sex can be at times.

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