Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Well hello there...long time no write! I'm just stopping by my poor little neglected blog to post some Easter pics. In fact, the pictures show exactly why I haven't posted that much in the last few days.

With the exception of last year when I was in Philadelphia, I attend a family gathering with members from my mom's side of the family every year at Easter. We always have lasagna for our Easter meal {vegetarian and non~vegetarian selections}, which is prepared by my grandma. We also have lots of dessert contributions from many different people. These treats run the gamut from Oreo Easter eggs to pumpkin pie and peanut butter cheesecake to peep~topped cupcakes.

Even though most of us are beyond the "normal" egg~hunting age, many of the cousins still participate in finding the candy~filled eggs hidden by The Easter Bunny {our Pap-pap} in the backyard.

But the highlight of the Easter egg hunt? Watching our littlest cousin {21 month-old Elizabeth} walk around the yard repeating, "Eggs, eggs," and having the most EXCITING time ever dumping the eggs from basket to basket.

I even took a ride in her baby swing. Hey, 21 months, 21 years...pretty close, right?

Not quite.


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