Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

In the pre~K class we focus a great deal on literacy to prepare the children for kindergarten next year. One of our main literacy activities for these four year~olds is learning and practicing Word Wall words. The Word Wall is a literal wall {or bulletin board} in the classroom that has the 26 letters of the alphabet with words under each letter that begin with the given letter; these words are ones that the children should learn to write correctly and read with automasticity.

Last week I was practicing these words with the children. Each child had a dry~erase board and marker so that they could practice writing the words; I would remove a card from the word stack, place it on the easel with a magnet, and then write the word as I spelled it out loud. Some of the kids provided me with Tiny Talk snippets before I was able to give them an example sentence for the given words:

Ms. Leah: "Ok, this word is "for." F-O-R {writing word on board}.
C------: "My for is my house!" {he meant his fort}

Ms. Leah: "Alright, does anyone know what this word is? This one says "we." W-E.
M----: "I have a Wii!!"

Hmmm...yes, I'm sure you do.


Last Friday I was subbing in the 2's class. When I change diapers and help with the potty I have to wear latex gloves. I was helping two year-old L---- pull up her underwear when my gloves started to slide off, so I pulled them up over my wrists, releasing them with a smacking sound on my arm. L---- looked up at me with a concerned face and asked, "Was that me? My butt went 'pop'?"

Share the comical words spoken by the little people in your life over at Not Before 7.


  1. I laughed out loud a this one :) Nice Easter post, too!

  2. Peyton, we know L's mom! Yep, that's the one! I should come up with a nickname for her on here because she's provided me with so many quotes..

  3. ahaha that's so great! I didn't make that connection before :)


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