Monday, April 18, 2011

So Tell Me Again?

 "So tell me why again you do that?" he asks me after I mention that I count gifts.  
He glances up at me, a half~smile curling his lips and I sense that he just wants to hear, to watch me speak.  
I smile also as his hand finds mine, feeling like Ann as I explain, "I count so that I see God in everyday moments, so that I'm thankful and don't miss all the gifts that point back to Him."  Eyes meet and... breathe... "This moment is a gift..."  

:: friends who draw out my hidden & latent spontaneity
:: hands covering eyes during a scary movie, an arm beside me to grasp
:: peach glow fringed with slate clouds, backdrop to mountainous skyline
:: a quick visit that turns into 6 hours
:: dense fog giving way to muted luminance of murky lights as I drive toward the city
:: baby smiles at the coffeeshop, little ones who beam into face and rub each other's bald heads
:: white tree blossoms blown across the street, bouncing like popping popcorn on the pavement
:: spring photoshoots with future suitemates

Counting at Holy Experience today:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Anything but my Age

Why I'm Young at Heart

::  I look young.
My age was always overestimated throughout my childhood and teenage years. Perhaps because of my height?  Or astounding maturity? ; )  But currently, my sister & I are asked who is older and she was born two months after my fourth birthday.

::  I eat dry Cheerios.

::  I {heart} goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, animal crackers, candy necklaces, & ring pops.

::  I can't hold back tears.  My emotional regulating abilities can be a bit... lacking.

::  Sometimes I wear my hair in a high ponytail and whip my hair back and forth like Willow Smith.

::  I thrash around in foaming ocean waters, ride the waves & let my hair become whipped and salty, never sunbathing on the shore with sunglasses and perfect hair like the other early twenties girls women.

::  My profs still refer to my peers & me as "the kids."

::  Sometimes I just want my mom.

:: My idea of a mixed drink involves Ginger Ale & Cran~Grape Juice.

::  I attend birthday parties at the local Bounce~Plex; jumping, running, sliding...

::  I wear jingle bell earrings at Christmastime.

::  I lack self~control around chocolate.

Why I'm an Old Soul

::  I read mommy blogs.

::  I probably have stronger opinions regarding Gary Ezzo & Dr. Sears than  any other non~mother my age.

::  I can't stand cartoons.

::  I contemplate life while sitting in coffeeshops.

::  Noise & chaos wear me out.

::  I need several shots of espresso in my system throughout the day, coming from delightful sources such as mocha frappuccinos & chocolate chip mocha crunch coffees topped with mountains of white chocolate drizzle & more chocolate chips. 

::  I read theology books for fun. 

::  I keep a baby names favorite list. 

::  I'm fascinated by local history and family genealogy. 

::  I'm a "cute dress w/ leggings, sophisticated metropolitan fashion" enthusiast.

::  Flashing lights and rock music in church aren't my style; I attend a  small, reflective/contemplative, service~oriented, hipster~influenced church.

::  I feel most "myself" in a teacher~caregiver~mommyish role.

{What about you?  Are you young at heart?  Or an old soul?}