Thursday, April 15, 2010

Philly is the 'ants pants'!

Yesterday I made the five hour train voyage from my home in VA to Philadelphia, PA. I haven't been here since about a year ago. What a strange feeling to spend several consecutive months living/studying somewhere and not being able to return until a year later! I love Philly; being here feels so surreal! It's very much the same as it was when I left it ;-) but there are things that are different, too. I'm actually glad that some things are different; otherwise, I'd have too much of a deja vu feeling that it'd leave me with overwhelming nostalgia.

I'm staying at the MCPC rowhomes across from the Temple University campus where I lived last spring semester in blah blah blah, blah, and blah blah's room. I'm so grateful that they're letting me use their floor as a bed for a few nights!

Tomorrow I plan to visit the elementary school where I had my internship a year ago; I bet the kids have grown so much! My bff Stacy {who lives in the Poconos} may come to see me this weekend if she can catch a ride, and Dora, Eriica, and Jeremiah will hopefully make the trek from Eastern U.

But for now, I'm just relaxing at the Ants Pants Cafe on South Street. The following is written on their restaurant brochure:

Ants Pants (adj)- an Australian colloquial term meaning unequivocally 'the best'. As in, "Mate, this coffee is the ants pants!"

My waiter is pretty quirky and cool...he's really pushing the whipped cream, though. Hello man, whipped cream is supposed to be an indulgence; you don't have to keep re-loading it on top of my iced coffee. This drink has ice cream in it as well! Stop trying to fatten me up! :-)

The Aussie iced coffee was yummy though, and so was the creme brulee battered French toast I just polished off.

Doesn't this look like a cute place? They're about to close, so I need to adios. Hopefully the rest of my visit here in Philly will be 'the ants pants' too!


  1. I do hope the rest of your visit was the Ants Pants! That area of Philadelphia where the Ants Pants Cafe is has a lot of growth - next time try Resurrection Ale House around the corner.

  2. I haven't heard of Resurrection Ale House! Next time I make the trip I'll have to check it out.


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