Thursday, April 29, 2010

Philly Ketchup

Before I had a chance to write about my second day in Philly, I was off on another trip! So here goes with my attempt at catching up...

I woke up my second day in Philly and walked the block and a half to the elementary school where I had my field experience last spring semester. This school keeps the classes together as they move from grade to grade, so I got to visit both classes I had helped last year. The "then" kindergartners are now first graders, and the "then" first graders are now second graders, of course. The class I had as kindergartners stampede rushed me at the classroom door upon my entry! I had missed them so much! I had to try hard not to cry when I saw all their faces again. They were tickled to see that I remembered their names; I was rather pleased myself, because they total over 40 children, and their names aren't exactly among the most common monikers. They really have some great names! I wish I could share them on here, but I need to keep their privacy.

Both classes had grown up so much. Even during my short visit I observed great improvement in their skills. I was no longer referred to as "Mrs. W-T" {for those of you who know my last name, you can see how they thought my last name sounds like the combo of these two letter names}, but rather they could pronounce my name just fine. Some of them even mentioned the bookmarks I had made for them before leaving last May. As I left, I was bombarded with, "Are you coming again on Monday? Are we going to see you soon?" So adorable. Maybe I'll see them again some day if I get to return to Philly as a REAL teacher. :-)

Here is the memorial {?} that our group left behind at the Messiah Philly campus. It's now hanging in the Caf. My hand prints are the purples ones on the far left. I don't think I actually got to see the finished product before this weekend. There's something that makes me happy about leaving my imprint behind!

Later in the evening I went to a party and then got to see my friend Jeremiah afterward, who I hadn't seen in over a year! Dora and Eriica were too busy being studious to make the trip. Maybe next time ;-)

So now, consider me officially caught up. And officially missing Philly.

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  1. Wow - lots of travelling for you! Hope you are home soon!


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