Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Little E---- climbed up on my lap while I was supervising the three year~olds on the playground. "Are you Miss Leah's girl?" another teacher asked. "Yesssss," E---- answered.
"Are you Miss Jodie's girl?"
"Are you Miss Melissa's girl?"
"Are you Mr. Stewart's girl?"
"Are you mommy's girl?"
"Yes. Two! Mommy's girl and Miss Leah's girl!!"
Well if being on mommy's level doesn't make me feel like queen of the world, I don't know what will! ;-)

The kids never tire of telling me day after day that my Frappuccino {you know, the Starbucks ones that come in glass bottles} looks just like chocolate milk. One day, however, I switched it up and they were shocked to see me with a new drink.
"What's that you're drinking?" Ny----- asked me.
"It's called Sunny D. It's like orange juice."
"Mmmmm...Sunny Deet!!"

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  1. The precious love of a child...ranking you up with mommy! Clearly, by the fact you love them and they love you - you are a wonderful teacher!!!

    Happy TTT!


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