Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're Party Girls

Today I'm linking up with the Kindred Connections Party at Windy Poplars. The theme this week is food:

1. What is your favorite ethnicity of food?

My favorite would be Italian, chiaramente! {without a doubt}. I love pasta; I love bread; I love tomato~based sauces. There are so many options for me as a vegetarian in the Italian food category. From manicotti and cheese ravioli to minestrone soup and pizza, I'm fond of it all.

2. If you could eat only one meal for two weeks straight, what would it be?

If I had to eat just one meal for two weeks straight, I would choose Puerto Rican rice and beans. I've eaten this meal for several consecutive dinners before because the recipe yields more than one or two portions. {Goya rice, Goya beans, Goya tomato sauce, sazon, recaito, and adobo}

3.What is the "signature" dish that you cook? (you know, that always receives rave reviews and/or you get requests for the recipe - feel free to share the recipe!)

This isn't something cooked, obviously, but one dish that is very simple to make and always gets rave reviews is a frozen dessert that I make. I layer ice cream sandwiches in the bottom of a casserole dish; then I put Hershey's caramel sauce on top. Next, I put whipped cream and then top with crushed Heath bars or M&M's. Surprisingly, after it's frozen and served, many people don't guess right away that the bottom is made of ice cream sandwiches!

4. Is there something that you just can't handle eating - like gag reflex?

Any animal parts. As I said, I'm a vegetarian. {Not a vegan, however. I do eat foods containing eggs and dairy products}. I've been a vegetarian since I was about 8. At that point my parents still required that I eat my meat portions, hoping I would grow out of it. I didn't.

5. Do you think that the Kindred Connection should continue through the summer, or take the summer off?

I thought it just started! Whatever the hostess decides is fine.

Windy Poplars


  1. Hi Leah! Thanks for joining the party - That's right, you're my Puerto Rican buddy! You'd LOVE visiting Puerto Rico then, b/c that's what they have EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK! Occasionally changing the beans: Arros con Pollo y Condueles (sp?), or the meat: chicken and rice and beans, pork and rice and beans, beef and rice and beans, well, you get the picture! Oh goodness, I'm getting hungry for some right now :-) If you've never tried Indian food, they have WONDERFUL vegetarian options too. We're flexitarians, but I almost always order vegetarian when we go to an Indian Restaurant. Great flavor! Hope you're having a wonderful day so far!

  2. FUN!!!
    Oh this makes me miss my vegetarian days. *sniff* I was veg for ten years and health complications changed that...but I did love it!


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