Monday, June 14, 2010

Beginning to count my endless gifts

Inspired by Ann at a Holy Experience, I've decided to join in with the Gratitude Community and begin counting my gifts ~ not gifts that I wish for, but gifts I already have. I want to sing hallelujah for the smallest things and see God's hand everywhere. And so tonight in the early AM hours, I begin to count...

{Gifts 1-10} of 1,000 gifts

:: solitary time in the nighttime hours

:: reading by lamplight

:: silky purple pillowcase, pilling from use

:: peaceful, lulling fan hum

:: journal of letters..written to me

:: cocoon of sage green walls

:: ethereal colors formed from light bent through blown glass and cast on open pages

:: photo vignette of dear ones far away

:: books read, books that have shaped me, and books that await in anticipation of being read

:: a peace, stillness and quiet, feeling that all the world is asleep and it's just me awake, time frozen ~ only thawed by my thoughts


  1. Welcome to the Gratitude Community. Your list is lovely. I join you in gratitude for books for they are dear friends that do shape us and teach us.
    grace and peace

  2. Welcome to the Gratitude Community!

    I love your "books that await in anticipation to be read". I have plenty of them! :)



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