Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'll Never Forget

Is this a persona prose, or have I written it from personal experience? Well..I'm not exactly certain. But it will make sense to whom it is supposed to.

I'll never forget how you snuffed out the light that danced in my eyes...
Stole the rosiness from my cheeks, replacing it with an ashen pallor...
Sucked away my curves of womanhood, leaving in its wake a bony frame reminicent of my preteen years.

You took everything from me, even my autonomy.

My insides rotted, my mind decayed as my intuition countered everything you claimed. I began to question the validity of my own perceptions as I was betrayed
and again.

My face numb, I didn't know I was crying.

Desperate to believe the best about you, only to be proven wrong
and again.

You plant seeds of doubt, seeds of paranoia, seeds of hopelessness.

Each "loving" word you spoke was a would shatter if I threw it...
In a million tiny, sharp, mocking pieces it would shatter on the ground,

next to my treasured bracelet of silver, round like eternity with a broken clasp and tarnished heart.


  1. I just realized that the only two "creative writing" posts I've done on here have been pretty sad!
    I did want to share this one tonight, though.
    I'll make a conscious effort to right something a little more uplifting to share!
    Thanks for baring with me.

  2. Wow...I love writing like this. This will resonate with me for a very long time, like echoes and ripples moved far away from the original source of sound and motion. Great job; this is beautiful!

  3. I love you, dear girl. This is beautiful. See, God does bring beauty out of ashes, even in the sadness.

  4. oh dear, so sorry if this really happened.
    it happens to each of us at least once.
    but then, we learn.

    this was beautifully written and strangled
    my heart to read.


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