Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I honestly did not want to take off my jacket. Doing so would reveal my tube top underneath, with which I usually wear a tank top, but this particular day I did not have a tank underneath because I had planned to keep my jacket on. However, I was BURNING UP as I was cleaning up and taking care of the kids. I hate sweating. So, I removed my jacket. My disrobing was met with several gasps coming from the children.

"Umm..Miss Leah? What's holding your shirt up?" L----- asked me.
I wasn't about to answer "my boobs," so I paused before saying, "Nothing."

After she had thought about my tube top shirt through snack time, she said, "One time I went to a store with my mommy and we saw some dresses that didn't have anything holding them up."


I tied my jacket around my shoulders for the rest of the day. And remembered the next time to prepare for the sweltering heat at work with a shirt that has something holding it up.


"What's this, J-----?" I asked one of my little four year~old beauties, holding up a buttercup she had picked for me.

"Ummm...a peanut butter?"

Join in the fun and share sound bites from the little people in YOUR life at Mary's at Not Before 7.


  1. LOL. That story is too cute...and that is such a precious picture of the two girls. I love the diferent things children say:)

  2. so funny!
    I love that first story. The things they come up with!

  3. Oh my goodness! The little blonde in the picture looks more like me as a child than my own children do. CRAZY!!!

  4. Those photos are so precious!

    Love the stories. What a precious job you have interacting with those little ones.

    Let's go with a combo of the two...a Peanut Butter cup :) I like those...but the chocolate kind..

  5. Aww, so funny! I love what their little minds come up with!

  6. What cuties!! Its so funny the things kids come up with!


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