Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Tour :: Living Areas

Natalie at Extraordinary Love is hosting a home tour for the months of June and July. Today the featured area is Living Areas ~ as in, sitting areas within the home {like living rooms, family rooms, dens, great rooms, keeping rooms, parlors...anywhere there's a furniture arrangement where one can sit one's hiney}.

Since I'm a college student that lives at home when I'm not in school, I decided that I can claim my parents' house as mine...mwahaha. I did live here full time for 11 years, after all! Additionally, I don't write much about my home on this blog, so I suppose this is a good opportunity to do that {since I usually write about topics that represent my "wings" rather than my "roots"}.

Alright. Enough prefacing. First up is our formal Living Room:

Here's a shot viewing the Living Room from the Foyer.

Standing within the seating area looking towards the music room with my piano and beyond to the kitchen.

Leather chair and ottoman

Candle wall sconce

A view of the built~ins

We call the sitting area adjacent to our kitchen and breakfast nook "the Great Room." Technically, I think great rooms are family room/kitchen/breakfast area combos ~ when those three areas are together in one open space and function both together and separately. Here's a shot of the Great Room when I'm standing within the adjacent kitchen:


The third sitting area on our main level is in the Sun Room. We converted this space from a screened porch into a sun room years ago.

Upholstered and rattan furniture; the walls are ash wood.

A longways view

Here's a shot where you can see the semi~circle window, keystone, faux pillars, beams, and vaulted ceiling. The ceiling is vaulted 1.5 stories. We couldn't go with a two~story vault because that would have COMPLETELY obscured the view from my bedroom window upstairs : )

Oak built~ins.

I considered including our TV room downstairs, but I think this is sufficient. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our living areas! Thanks for visiting! : )


  1. wow, your folks/you have a great house!
    that leather chair is fabulous-as are the built in shelves in that first room!
    I love the decor and colors in your home. so home-y!
    thanks for joining the party : ) I hope you'll come back next week for kitchens and dining rooms!

  2. Hi I'm a friend of Natalie's and I saw your link on her blog. What a gorgeous home you live in! I LOVE the white built-ins! Such a dream of mine to have them in my "permanent home" one day! And I LOVE the sun room, too! It looks so nice to just hang out in!

  3. Hi Leah! Love your home! Your mom did a great job with it - I especially like the warm and cozy Tuscan colors, and that wonderful sunroom you have. What a dream! That's funny that you said that you saw my blog colors in my home. I guess you're right! I'm nothing if not consistent :-). Hope you're having a great day so far, ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  4. oh so cozy! love that huge sunroom! and those built-ins! oh my!! how amazing to have all that space to house the little "trinkets" and momentos! enjoyed browsing your pictures!

  5. "Your" home is B-E-A-utiful! :) My gosh...I especially liked the sun room! That room was pretty much the size of my house growing up lol.:)


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