Sunday, May 2, 2010

Planting Chums :: Four Fun Facts

This week I'm participating in the Planting Chums blog carnival/link~up hosted by Hannah at Aspire.
This is the final week of this series; to participate, you have to come up with four fun facts about yourself. Below are the four facts I generated. My ClAiMs To FaMe {not really}. Ready??...FOURFUNFACTS~~Wooooo...

I baked a layer for a REAL wedding cake when I was in 8th grade.
{not the one pictured}

{2} My uncle's ex-wife plays the Judge Martha Sirkin on Law and Order. She also had a role in the 2008 movie Definitely, Maybe.

{3} The summer of 2005 {when I was 16}, I traveled with a school group in a motor coach covering over 9,000 miles in 27 days. We studied land sustainability issues, immigration, and native people groups...hiked the Grand Canyon, went rafting on the Colorado River, spun above Las Vegas on the Stratosphere, and snorkeled in the Florida Keys. {I don't have many pictures from this trip on my laptop; the one below was taken in Galveston, TX after my group won our "Don't Mess with Texas" American Idol spoof}

{4} I love metallics!!

Give me SPARKLE, give me shine! Be it clothing, jewelry, or make-up, I like the gLiTz, sequins, and "reflective metals". :-)


  1. About fact number 2...that is awesome! :)

  2. #2 is totally cool. i'm starstruck. ; )

    #3 must have been the best sumer!

    #4 metallics suit you well! so cute!

  3. Could I have your autograph? I'm starstruck like Carissa. :)

    Fun planting chums facts.



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  5. No way?! You baked a layer for a wedding cake when you were in the 8th grade? I would probably screw something up if I tried doing that, lol!

    Ok, that is just pure amazing that your uncle's ex wife is the judge on law and order! I am in love with acting and people who know 'people' that are on tv shows/movies etc.

    Great facts! I enjoyed reading all four of them! =)


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