Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Break Dancers

THIS is what my 3 year~olds were doing today {starting at about 0:16}:

Yeah, they're pretty amazing. I wish I had brought my camera to record the kids themselves! I taught them everything they know!

Actually, they were clearly imitating something they had seen before, but I can assure you it was not me or my poppin' n lockin' that they were emulating.

I had turned on some music so they could dance as I greased them up with sunscreen before we headed outside for a bit. No sooner had a kid bop~ish song come on than they gathered as this crowd did around individual kids, each taking a turn dancing in the middle. I didn't suggest or instruct this.

The dancer in the middle would flop on the floor, dance with choppy moves, bend down, and stick legs up in the air {trying to do FLIPS like these break dancers}, while the others looked on CHEERING, "Whoaa...yeah...huhoohh...yeah...wwhooo."

Maybe we don't need to have a bake sale, auction, and car wash to raise money for the center after all. How about a dance battle? ;-)


  1. Sooo cute. Kids definitely have a knack for imitation--and often taking it far beyond our limited capabilities!

  2. Absolutely! I dance along with them sometimes, but only because I know they'll love me no matter what! ;-)


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