Monday, May 31, 2010

Miscellany Monday

DISCLAIMER: My miscellanies are very random today. Buckle your seat belts and be prepared for some whiplash.

{1} Since posting on Thursday about growth and flourishing in unexpected places, sustenance, and thriving life, I’ve been observing frequent examples of life and growth defying the odds and cropping up in often surprising places. One such example is this beautiful, lone pansy that sprang up between a brick wall and our outdoor patio.

Tenacity. Persistence. GRACE.

{2} I bring home birthday cake when it’s no one’s birthday, just because I love it that much! It’s truly been a lifelong obsession; I spent hours sketching cakes as a preschooler. I drew several models of multi-tiered wedding cakes with fountains of water shooting out of the top layer…and I fully intend to track down a pastry chef and engineer combo team who can bring this dream of mine to fruition for my future wedding day.

But for now, I’m enjoying this little four-inch-in-diameter cake with extra icing for absolutely no occasion whatsoever!! {My thumb in the pic can be used as a scale to see just how tiny the cake is! This mini confection came from the day-old table at work and was roughly handled, hence the frosting boo-boos.}

{3} If you were to ask me today where I bought the shirt I’m wearing, I would answer, “It was left over after the drug bust.

Allow THAT to sink in.

Explanation: A family member of a friend bought a house that had previously been inhabited by a family involved in some debatably dubious activities. These former homeowners had to leave their house in a hurry as their secret operation had been found out, so they left behind many of their belongings. The house was sold with these items, so this family member of a friend gave some clothing and purses to me that had been left behind by the other family! So now I’m wearing the busted gal’s clothes, many of which still had tags when I received them. Strange story, huh?

Hopefully I won’t meet her on the street one day resulting in her demanding her shirt/belt/purse back.

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  1. i love all your random!!! it's just perfect! i'm following you now... i thought i already was! the pansy is gorgeous and such a beautiful reminder of grace. i love the birthday cake idea. i can't believe i haven't thought of it before - shame on me! think about all the cake i've been missing out on all these years! ha - i love your shirt story!

  2. Leah! That is a fabulous random list. Your shirt story had me on the edge of my seat. I love stories like that.

    Love the birthday cake. One - because it's a great idea and two - because I love birthday cake. Mmmmmmmm....

    I'll have to check into that morphing site that you mentioned on my blog. Sounds like fun. :)


  3. Love the cake and the posts! I left you a comment back on my blog but was worried you wouldn't see it :) send me an email at and I'll send you my address and you can send a check for the shirt if you'd like :) by the way..where in Va are you? I am too. :)

  4. Haha! Love the random Leah! Yes, I live close to the D-Day Mem. That's crazy that we live so near each other. I know what you mean about the virtual world and the "real" world colliding! It is crazy! I actually live within two states of several of my bloggy friends, and I always think, "One day, we should really try and get together". But would we click? Would we think we were nothing like our online persona? Would we think the other was really strange.... I over think EVERYTHING! Ha! Anyway, lovely to have a fellow VA-blogger nearby :-) Hope your day is going well so far...


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