Wednesday, May 26, 2010

: : : NO MAKE-UP ZONE : : :

Apparently, going make~up free is the latest celebrity fad for photo shoots and TV hostings. I've noticed a general trend in "back to the basics" thinking, not just in make~up, but in many arenas {for example, in food choices....e.g. organic and free range...and in the "going green" energy movement}. "Don't eat anything that you can't trace directly back to the sun!"

I applaud these efforts to streamline and simplify things that have gotten so complex and bogged~down that they no longer serve their intended purposes. I've observed this cycle of beginning with simple, gradually becoming more complex, and then eventually coming full circle with a re~simplification process. Take music, for instance. The Rococo music period {sandwiched between Baroque and Classical} was marked by refined decoration forms and ornamentation. The following Classical music era was distinguished by a cleaner style, very orderly and more simple, with clearer divisions between parts. In many ways, the Classical period was a response to the "sickeningly sweet", OvEr ThE tOp Rococo era.

Am I digressing? mmmm...I think it's all connected.

One of the main purposes of this no make~up, back to basics, natural beauty emphasis that is so popular as of late is to empower women to feel comfortable and confident as their natural selves.

Wait, wait, waaaaaiiiitttt....stop the clocks. This photo of Kim Kardashian au naturale is supposed to make me feel BETTER about myself?

Some days when I'm in a rush and I skip the make~up, I may say to some friends, "Aaahhh...I didn't have time to put on any make~up this I look horrible?"

After a pause and a puzzled look, said friend(s) will respond, " look exactly the same as always."

So much for putting in a little effort here and there! At first I thought they were just being nice, but I've been told this often enough that I've begun to think that maybe I DO look about the same and it's just more of a security blanket for me. Clearly I don't LOAD IT ON since going au naturale vs. some make~up apparently doesn't make much of a difference, but I still won't be posting a pic of me on here without just a little mascara. I like to make these babies look LONGER THAN LIFE!!!

So, gratefully no one wonders, "I wonder what Leah looks like without make~up?" {Admittedly I do wonder that about some people}.

But, no photo of me in the no make~up zone. I'm not quite that brave. ;-) {winking with my mascara~laden lashes}


  1. Oh yes, the photo of Kim is from "Kim Kardashian Without Makeup for Life and Style"

  2. i suspect lovely kim does have on SOME
    make-up but get your point.

    if i go without any, i look like the palm
    of my hand!

  3. Hey there, I'm here from myletterstoemily. Saw your comment there and followed the linky. Cute blog, great post!

    I agree. It's about personal comfort. I wear make-up maybe a couple times a week now (church or other "official" outings), and it was freeing when I stopped feeling I had to apply it all each day. I'm me either way, right? And like you, I'm more natural with my look, anyway.

  4. yeah... kim without makeup... surely doesn't make me feel brave enough to go naked all the time! she may not have any makeup on, but i'm sure she was airbrushed up the wazoo!

  5. @Carissa: My thoughts exactly on the airbrushing.

    I generally go with a pretty natural look with makeup, but it's my own version of "airbrushing"--a little foundation to even out the complexion, a little mascara, a little eyeshadow. For me, makeup isn't about not being comfortable in my own skin--it's about wanting to show off "my own skin" to its best advantage.


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