Monday, May 10, 2010

miscellany monday

I'm joining in with the first Miscellany Monday Meme hosted by Carissa at lowercase letters. Hopefully these musings are sufficiently miscellany!

{1} Terrifically Two and Superbly Spicy: My featured student of the day...

This girl has zero personality. Isn't that apparent?

Actually, she's quite the little spunkster.

She's even capable of completely imploding and losing her mind {fancy speak for a tantrum}! Oh well, I guess that's par for the course with those feisty types. ;-)


{2} Happy Mother's me??

I was wished a Happy Mother's Day for the first time yesterday. I had mentioned something about wishing a Happy Mother's Day to everyone who has ever played the role of Mommy, and the person who I was talking to said, "Well, then a Happy Mother's Day to you, Leah!"
While I haven't borne a baby out of my own body as of yet, have I not tried to model the Spirit of adoption that God demonstrates to us with my little ones {Romans 8:15}? Have I not cried out for them in prayer {Lam. 2:19}? Have they not called me blessed {Prov. 31:28}?


{3} La Leche Hair

I've been using a fun new shampoo recently. It's "fun" because it's called Hair Milk. It's also fun because I'm pretty sure it's made for kids. And it's ALSO fun because I found it in the ethnic hair section. No, I'm not delusional...BUT, my hair is very curly, and the curls can get dry and frizzy at times, so I figured I should try a shampoo made for hair that is even curlier/coarser than mine and dries out at a quicker rate. So far I've enjoyed using it, but then again, I just like trying out new beauty products, period. :-)


  1. thanks so much for linking up! i'm super excited that you joined in! you have an awesome way with words!!! yay for #2 - you deserved the mother's day wish!!!

  2. I, too, was wished a happy mother's day--only from my mother, on Facebook.

    She said: "I tip my hat to all those women who are NOT mothers, but are awesome investers in the lives of parents, nieces, nephews, friends. This mom appreciates YOU. Happy Mother's Day!"

    That's a smiling sort of sentiment.

  3. Hi Leah! Now is your name "Lee" or "Lee-ah"? I've know both with your spelling! Thanks for becoming a follower of Windy Poplars! I just love my Kindred Spirit readers :-) You're right that WOULD have been a good idea to just give the gift to the 100th person! I just don't think of these obvious things... - Good luck in the current giveaway though :-) I enjoyed your Miscellany Monday answers! How fun! That little girl looks like a handful to be sure.~ I'm in Southwest VA - you?

  4. hi leah! my name is lea, too, but no 'h'.
    this caused every teacher i ever had to
    call me 'lee', which is a fine name just
    not mine. :)

    i love your heart for these children, and
    i have one i mentor just like the one you
    introduced us to. but mine is very quiet
    and sweet, a little afraid of everything.



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