Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Some of my students are featured on Tiny Talk Tuesday so often that I should give them their own alias nicknames! The little sweetie from last week who picked me a peanut butter is the star of both quotes this week. From now on I'll call her Princess Tiana on here because she sports outfits themed with this Disney princess, in addition to the fact that she looks very much like her!

Last week I was supervising the kids peddling around the playground on their bikes/tricycles/scooters when Princess Tiana rode by me and exclaimed, "Miss Leah, why do you have a pimple on your foot?"

I assure you...I had no such thing on my foot. It was a bug bite.


Waking the pre~K's up from naptime, I started to sing a song that had been in my head since hearing it on the radio earlier that day.

"I better find your lovin'..I better find your heart."

They exploded in, "I know that song!" and "So-and-so likes that song!"

"Let's sing another one," Princess Tiana suggested. "Take it, take it, baby, take it, take it...."

If you're familiar with pop music, THAT would be Rihanna's Rude Boy. *sigh* What am I to do with this teenager in a four year~old's body?

Share Tiny Talk that you've overheard at Mary's at Not Before 7.


  1. Something else Princess Tiana said that I forgot:
    She was putting her blanket in her cubby after nap time and was trying to fold it. In doing so, she was fluttering it up and down to make it lay smooth on the ground. "I'm flushing my blanket," she said. I never thought about a waving blanket and a toilet flusher requiring the same motion, but apparently Princess Tiana equated the two!

  2. Your post was SO funny! I agree..sounds like you do have a teenager living inside a 4 year old!


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