Thursday, July 8, 2010

a Wurk in ProhGreSS

9:00ish~ Well...I shouldn't have experimented when I don't have time to make the blog layout look how I want!! Hmmm...

12:31 AM-- okay..I think I like it now?? I'll peep it tomorrow and view it with a set of new eyes and decide then I guess.

...I think the header is still a little funky looking...maybe once I ACTUALLY install my Photoshop I can make something a little less..rough?? more..professional??

I don't know ~ all's to say: don't judge it yet! : ) I was just desiring a new look, but I think I'm in over my head! : )


  1. Leah..I LOVE the colors your using! Its frustrating trying to change the look of a blog but you'll get far it looks great imo!!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!! Great job, and **so you**!!!! <3

  3. It looks great to me! I, too, love the colors.


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