Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Still Counting |Endless Gifts|

The summer passes and reaching its middle, we make our annual trek to Topsail Island. The trip is a gift, with gifts embedded within like Russian nesting dolls.

{31} fizzing ocean waters
{Real ocean fizz!!} : )

{32} silky sands

{33} swaying sea oats

{34} skittish crabs

{35} darting fish

{36} sighting of fins (!) ~ that are dolphins

{37} seashells, especially ones with unique colors, striations, and swirls

{38} salty sea air

{39} beautiful weather everyday

{40} a sunburn that doesn't hurt

{41} gentle breezes &..

{42} powerful gusts

{43} waves crashing on the shore as I drift off to sleep

{44} fireworks on the pier

{45} Patio Playground ice cream &..

{46} the delightful, eccentric owner

{47} nightly restaurant excursions

{48} grandma

{49} layers upon layers of chocolate

{50} times of peace swimming in the ocean

{51} feeling on top of the world on top of a wave

{52} getting blindsided and smacked by a wave

{53} guys who think they're surfers

{54} getting my island on

{55} mochaccino smoothies from the quaint bookstore Quarter Moon

{56} family traditions

{57} crazies with whom I share a gene pool

{58} time to slow and contemplate

{59}color splashes

{60} browner tanner less pale skin

holy experience


  1. Oh, what wonderful gifts to be thankful for! It sounds like you had a great trip.

  2. I get relaxed just looking at your post for today!! That chocolate looks AMAZING! Love the beach..haven't been in years and would LOVE to go back sometime in the near future! :-)

  3. I love how you have used pictures to document your gifts. Sounds like you are having a lovely time at the ocean side.


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