Thursday, October 21, 2010

While I Should Have Been Reading Piaget and Studying Biodiversity & Toxicity Levels...

I changed my blog!  I actually have the same background because I'm not yet
willing to part with this "Fabulosity" print, but I've purged the clutter & made it a bit
airier and brighter.
Hopefully a new header to come.  Possibly soon.  Most likely in the far future.

However, the special Scriptura font that I downloaded &
installed for my post titles is now gone.  Apparently selecting a
new template altered that customization..?  The strange thing is, the
Century Gothic that I set as my default font has remained.  I don't have the time at the moment to
go back & muddle through the html to find out vhat ees dee pwoblem with the
vanished Scriptura font, so if anyone has any ideas,
do enlighten me!  

Oh, & have a marvelous weekend! 


  1. It looks good! I wish I could help you with the html, but that stuff makes my head swim! And not in a happy way either... :)

  2. Your blog just looks so nice. It's very "Leah" :)


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