Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tiny Talks with a New Batch of Little Ones

It's been awhile since I've participated in Tiny Talk Tuesday.  The reason?  Resuming my college courses this fall has packed my schedule so that I can no longer work at the daycare center {except an occasional late afternoon}.  My life has been sorely lacking in little people, and I miss them oh-so-much!

However, some of my current education courses require that I spend a few hours a week in our lab preschool, so I've gleaned a few tiny talk soundbites to share!

I don't know these children well enough to give them aliases yet, so the first letter of their names will have to do for now.

: :

"What kind of flowers are these, E----?" her mother asked her as we entered the school, pointing to a flowerpot of yellow flowers.

"Chrysanthemums," itty-bitty-tiny-petite two year-old, squeaky-voiced E---- replied with perfect articulation.

One of the teachers later commented to me with E---- nearby, "She speaks with such great articulation!"

"Articulation," E---- echoed with each syllable pronounced and consonant crisp.

Later, I was playing with L------ in the pretend kitchen area of the classroom.  As we were serving up a tea party, P----- wandered over to join us.  {Both, like E----, are girls, two years old, and extremely verbal}.

"Oh look," L------ said to me.  "I think P----- wants to be our guest."

"No," P----- replied.  "I don't want to be a guest!  I just wanna live!"

Overheard any tiny talk from the little ones in your life?  Link up and share over at Mary's Not Before 7.


  1. LOL such a cute conversation!! I tagged you over at my blog on sunday..if you can participate I'd love to see your responses! Have a wonderful day! :-)

  2. Cute Cute! That is a huge word to pronounce! wow!

    Good luck with your classes this fall. I hope all goes well.

    HOpe little P got to live :) hehehe!

    Happy TTT!

  3. "I just wanna live" - how cute!

  4. Some days "I just wanna live" is my motto, too. ;-)

    I wish my boys had such good articulation!

  5. These are so precious!


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