Sunday, October 3, 2010


"A single joy shatters a hundred griefs."

This week's photo challenge at Aspire is JOY and I immediately knew I have no better selection than this photo in my archives with that simple title.

The contagious cheerfulness on the faces of these two beautiful baby girls radiates off the photo.  How blessed I was to be their teacher for a time!
Her fingers say "peace" and their faces say "joy" . . . sheer, innocent, untainted . . .

Aspire Photo Challenge


  1. What a cute picture! Kids are just so genuinely happy..definately something we could all take a lesson from!

  2. What a precious photo! I *love* their sweet smiles. =)

    -- Taylor

  3. Precious little cuties! How adorable! Definitely a photo full of joy!

  4. What a beautiful reminder of the simplicity of quiet joy. Thanks for sharing!


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