Monday, October 18, 2010

I Count Because. . .

. . . when I give intentional thanks,

my heart is worshipful, my restless spirit is content, and my mind ponders the praiseworthy.

~.:Gifts 100 ~ 113:.~

~:  the long~awaited & ardently hoped for "let's catch up soon"

~:  unseasonably warm temperatures

~:  apple cider

~:  dinner on the rooftop

~:  goldenrod, scarlet, crimson, amber, burnt sienna & rust

~:  birthdays & 49 years of life for the person who knew me before I realized I existed

~:  night out with one of my besties at a funky, artsy joint

~:  courage to join the spinning, dancing circle

~:  boom box necklace purchased during my last visit that distant & happy summer

~:  one~on~one time with the new third grade student, frail & meek

~:  leading toddler music & going crazy with bean bags, scarves, & rhythm sticks

~:  an email to my prof from my field placement advisor praising my skills & abilities {for real, now?}

~:  cinnamon rolls with buttercream icing from the farmer's market

~:  tears that wash clean the eyes of my heart

Photo taken April 2009 in North Philly, Puerto Rican quarter; Lehigh & N. 5th area

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  1. Leah,
    I love your list, and your heart that beats throughout this blog. It's nice to meet you through the gratitude community.

    Rachymommy -

  2. Great list..dinner on the rooftop..courage for the dance! Tears..
    visiting you from Ann's.

  3. I love your list...especially "courage to join the spinning, dancing circle"
    I like the picture too.
    I, too, am visiting from Ann's place.
    Peace & Blessings...

  4. Love it. Your description of the colours makes me want to take photos :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. love your list..the toddler time sounds so fun!

  6. Your list is lovely. And very inspiring~

    Have a wonderful Monday.

  7. Toddler music with bean bags, scarves, etc. sounds like so much fun! I hope you're doing well :)

    Love, Sarah


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