Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

"What letter is you? What starts you?" Three year-old A-------- asked me this, trying to figure out which letter is the first letter of my name. My students claim major ownership of the beginning letter of their names; for example, when he sees an "A", he'll point and say, "That's me!"

Three year-old E---- fished a carrot coin out of her vegetable soup at lunch and asked, "What is this? Why did they put a circle on it?" I suppose we may have to grow carrots in our garden so that she can understand how carrots grow and that no person put the circle formations on the carrot slices. :-)

Children in this same class {the 3's} were quite excited that we have two Leahs in our class. These Leahs include a student and myself. "There's one big one, and one little one!" E---- kept saying throughout the day. Not to be out done, J---- said, "There are two J----s, too. Me and...I'll have to buy another one."

Join in this blog carnival and share the sound bites from the little ones in your life over at Not Before 7.

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  1. Love it! My almost-3-yo keeps saying things like "C starts with cat" as she's figuring it all out...


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