Monday, March 22, 2010

But....that's just me.

Three separate musings:

~After naptime, my students will often ask me if they're putting their shoes on the right feet. If they don't ask me, they walk around looking rather awkward until I tell them. How can they not feel the difference? I can NOT relate, because I was one of those kids who wore her socks inside-out because I didn't like to feel the seams. Yeah.
...And my mother had to cut off all the tags of my clothes, but this sometimes made it worse because of the sharp, jagged edge the scissors left behind. My day was ruined when she told me that a certain tag HAD to remain intact because the seams of my shirt would become unraveled if I were to remove it. Oh, and sand! Don't even get me started about sand!

~Am I the only woman age 16-25 who doesn't practice dancing or posing in front of the bathroom mirror? I'll occasionally snap a profile picture of my reflection if no one is available to take one for me, but perfecting my dance moves? That I do not. I do make faces at myself, which to some might be considered more embarrassing and less wise to confess than watching myself pop-lock-n-drop it. My repertoire of faces ranges from grotesque to...undefined. But I can amuse myself during an otherwise boring time of getting ready in the mornings. And I'd be lying if I said that others don't enjoy my facial expressions when there's not a mirror around.

~I was never one of those gals who had to be accompanied by a girlfriend in order to take a trip to the bathroom and pee. "Do you wanna come with me?" {insert their nervous, insecure look} I've often been asked. I always oblige but never interrogate likewise. Not that I'm particularly hush hush about bathroom business, but I can do things by myself. I don't get bored during times when I'm alone like many people seem to. I'm not embarrassed to try out a new restaurant or church alone. Would we call that independence? Self-assuredness? I suppose in many ways I am. But please, continue to ask me to accompany you on your potty breaks, but don't expect me to ask the same of you. :-)

But...that's just me.

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