Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

I absolutely did NOT walk out of a restaurant without paying the tab, innocently finishing up my work on my laptop and enjoying the art hanging on the walls before returning my empty drink glass and exiting this downtown hipster joint. I did NOT get a free dinner by doing so. No, certainly not me.

I definitely did not return to said restaurant a few days later once I realized I had neglected to pay. I did not attempt to explain my story to the guy at the counter who obviously thought I was the world's hugest dipstick airhead for forgetting to pay and thought I was equally off my rocker for returning to admit my error and pay my tab of $6. I would totally NEVER do that.

I have not become so accustomed to being a caregiver for my lovely little daycare students that when Ny-----'s "MOMMY!!!!" was directed at me, I turned and was ready to attend to her need or listen to what she had to say. I am nobody's mommy. I do NOT answer to "Mommy." No, not me!

Join me in admitting your less than perfectly polished moments along with other bloggers over at Mckmama's My Charming Kids!

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