Friday, March 19, 2010


Remember how I mentioned that I prefer writing over speaking off the top of my head so that I can make sure everything sounds exactly as I intend it to sound?

Well, I've run into something similar that has hampered my writing. There's alot going on inside this big ol' noggin'. However, everything inside is far from fully processed. In several arenas of life. Rather...half-baked.

What if my words are misunderstood? What if I change my mind in terms of my thoughts and opinions at a later time? Do I really want to risk that?

I hope I can learn to enjoy blogging as a conversation, a conversation that is sometimes a monologue and other times a dialogue. I hope I can learn to appreciate the journey and embrace the questions, not expecting at age 21 to "know it all" or even completely understand myself.

I hope I can learn to appreciate when my thoughts and experiences {and not just my brownies} are half-baked.

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  1. I understand where you're coming from--although my tendency is to get it out on paper or screen quickly because the act of writing helps me to sort my own thoughts out--to "bake" a bit, so to speak.

    Enjoy your processing!


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