Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot Off the Press: Tiny Talk

This week is my spring break, so yesterday I went into the daycare center to visit some of my kiddos!  Truly, whenever I feel as though no one really cares, all I have to do is pop in and love on those little ones.  Getting stampeded upon my entry speaks volumes. : )

Inevitably, any time I stop in, I'm bound to glean a few tiny talk snippets.  

I was holding little Announcer {not pictured} while we were watching an episode on the Dora DVD that I had bought them for Christmas when I noticed her hair smelled a little....different.  "Announcer, did your mommy spray something in your hair?"

"Yeah." *grin*  "Bug spray!"

Evidently, .....she was getting over lice.  

{A few minutes passed.  This time, Announcer was still on my lap but facing toward me.}

*Huge smile*  "Miss Leah, your earrings are big, big, BIG.  They're bigger than your cheeks!!" she said as she held my hoops to my face.  *Pause*  "But, you DO have big cheeks!!"

Yeah.  I've missed them. ; ) 

Linking up today with Mary's Tiny Talk Tuesday.

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  1. LOVE th epicture! What cuties! And your cheeks aren't big...LOL!


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