Monday, March 28, 2011

Fudge, Steak, & Pimples

This semester I have a practicum in a second grade classroom four mornings a week.  Since I'm used to 2, 3, & 4 year~olds, these mid-elementary students seem like BIG kids to me!  Nevertheless, they've supplied me with some fun tiny talk snippets!


: :  Standing in line waiting to leave the classroom, glasses hanging on the tip of his nose, Boy Ba announces, "I wish I had some chocolate fudge right now!"

You & me both, boy!!


: :  Returning from our field trip, Girl M spots animals grazing in a distant field.  "I want steak!  Are those horses in that field?  If they're cows, I want to stop and kill one to make my steak."

What a lovely thing for a vegetarian teacher to hear! 


: :  Boy Br volunteers to turn out the lights so the class can see the SmartBoard projection.  Returning to his seat, he grins at his tablemates, declaring, "My pimples are getting big!!"

He, of course, means "pupils."

{After teaching in the education field for a few years, will I finally stop feeling the urge to laugh at inappropriate comments?  Doubtful.  I just hope & pray no one decides to fart out loud in class.  Student teacher laughing at farts = not a good look.} Linking up with Mary for Tiny Talk Tuesday.


  1. Poor defenseless animals. Love the comments.

  2. Hahahaha! Aren't elementary students hilarious? I would love to share stories with you this summer :) Like the time one of my little students called an accent an "armada." I did kind of laugh out loud at that one lol

  3. too funny!! Isn't amazing though what kids will say!!


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