Monday, February 21, 2011

A Sampler of Diamonds, Engagement, & One Thousand Gifts

 1~Belly Bling & a Growing Up Thing.~1

Look what I did:

Yep, that's a pic of my bedazzled belly!  Much to the chagrin of certain family members, I got my navel pierced just over a week ago.  No, I don't plan on walking around with my midriff showing all the time now.  I got it pierced mostly for myself; I'm learning that it's usually worth it to "go for it" & try new things that I've always thought, "Wouldn't it be neat if..."  
Two years ago I decided to have a sideswept bang cut into my hair.  I met resistance with that idea, too.  However, I am SO GLAD that I got my hair styled the way I wanted, and so far I'm very happy with my belly piercing, too.  I think a 22 year~old can decide these things for herself, especially since they are rather inconsequential! ; )
 & if you're offended by my picture... join the club! ; )

2~My Gift Girls.~2

One blog that I read faithfully is A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp.  Ann recently authored a book entitled One Thousand Gifts.  There's a book club over at (in)courage for this book; I'm following along with the book club in a semi~participatory fashion as I seek to keep up with reading the chapters on top of all of my required daily activities.  
Under the "meet the readers" section of the One Thousand Gifts website, there is a slideshow of readers with their One Thousand Gifts books.  I don't think mine has been added yet, but I submitted the picture shown above, one of me with the book & five of my blessings.  I look ALL KINDS OF CRAZY in this photo, but I love love love how sweet these five little girls look.  Each one's personality is so apparent simply by viewing this photo.


My brother is now engaged!  I will finally have the big sister that I always wanted!
I didn't get permission to post their picture on my blog, but surely a pic of the bling is in order since that seems to be the theme of the day!

 The wedding will be in October.  Yay Tyler & Bethany! : )

4~Sacred Time.~4

It's easy to tell what ancient cultures held as their sacred objects of worship.  My prof said something during a lecture the other day that really made me think.  He said that if future societies were to analyze our physical artifacts and our patterns of life, they would think that we worship. . .


Think about it.  What governs our day?  What do our schedules revolve around?  
When is the only instance an otherwise well-meaning person would deny another person proper acknowledgement/attention/concern?  Probably if time was running out!
Even the expression referring to time "running out".. being depleted... shows how valuable time is to us.

What is placed at the highest, most prominent place in most rooms?  Not a religious symbol of any kind!

A clock.

Sometimes I have to stop & remind myself that here is now.  
Breathe.  I am here in this moment. 
Right now.

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  1. Love the picture of you w/the kids..precious!

  2. Leah, I so enjoyed this post. First of all, I LOVE your belly button ring! I have been wanting to pierce my nose for a long time, but I figure with a teaching career in the works, I should probably not try it. But I totally support your piercing adventures :)

    Also, thanks for the little reminder about time. I really like the picture of the clock -- in fact, it may even make it to my desktop background for a while as a daily reminder to live in the NOW.

  3. I just re-read your profile description and was marveling in your creative use of words. I miss you girl! I will be home next weekend--we should get at some point and share life stories.

  4. I agree with this time thing. We do worship time and it always seems like there's never enough. But God is the keeper of time. And I'm learning that as I prioritize and keep Him first, then everything else falls into place.

  5. Ah! I ventured over to your blog to read about the 'tiny talk' you mentioned on Tuesday, and I was surprised to see a shout out. Thanks, Leah! <3

    We are so excited to have you in the wedding!!!!.. I think it's kind of fantastic that ALL of my sisters will be in the wedding!

    Love, Bethany

    ps. I love the NOW clock too! =)


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