Friday, August 13, 2010

Shots of Amnesia

Disclaimer #1: I don’t intentionally wish to be depressing; however, if you’re in particular need of an uplifting, “rainbows and butterflies” blog entry, today may not be the day to read this post.

Disclaimer #2: Drinking and drug paraphernalia are mentioned. Now, before you go calling Dr. Drew on me, I have no substance abuse issues; such phrases are merely symbolic and indicative of raw emotion.

Disclaimer #3: The following reads as a rap/spoken word. I’m an expert in neither

Light me up, fill my cup

With shots of amnesia.
Give me a hit, so I can forget
The plagues of this season.

Squirt lemon sour, on the rocks by the hour
This potion’s sure to ease the
Pain of betrayal, heart pierced with nails
Loose the chains that have seized ya.

Just to know the truth, recover my youth
And from these lies be freed up,
Start again, forget where I’ve been
With shots of amnesia.

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