Sunday, August 1, 2010

Counting the Endless Gifts :|61~80|:

Counting the extraordinary embedded in the ordinary...

{61} torrents that break the heat

{62} fifty years

{63} saying and meaning "I do"

{64} love and commitment

{65} memories

{66} doting grandparents, then and now

{67} anniversaries

{68} camera shy cousins

{69} pushing price~tagged Bethy on her swing

{70} little legs braced straight

{71} pink ball cap askew
{72} toddler noodle sucker/slurper

{73} back patio bbqs

{74} vegetarian picnic food {for yours truly}

{75} purple icing on sticky fingers

{76} being dubbed "Miss Big Leah" distinguish from 3 year~old student with the same name

{77} beautiful, goofy smiles

{78} asked if I'm a child or a mommy; and if neither, "Then what are you??"

{79} Miss Picasso's heartfelt morning hug and "MY Miss Leah!"

{80} "MY Miss Leah" retort from Cheerleader

holy experience


  1. Love #78. My daughter teaches nursery school. When her husband comes to meet her for lunch, some of the children yell "Miss Joy, your daddy's here!" :)

  2. Miss Big Leah, number 78 just cracks me up. :) Preschoolers are such a fun lot to be around. While I was going through college for el ed, I worked at the university day care. It was an enjoyable experience filled with lots of laughter.

    Thanks for your visit to Sugar Tails. Giving thanks with you!

  3. Love your list. Especially number 78. "Then what are you?" This is an amazing list full of blessings.

  4. I loved your list. Really. The one with your grandparents made me tear up? Marriage like that takes work. Hard work. And then it's beautiful.

    Have a wonderful week!

    (and thank you for your kind comment)



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