Sunday, August 15, 2010

Endless Gifts |80~88|

On the days when the curses seem to outnumber the blessings, on the days when the butterflies are smashed on the highways, I keep counting to keep my sanity. . .

Even when I can only think of 8.

:: opportunity to continue my education, and thereby achieve my career dreams

:: meeting new people

:: identifying shapes with little ones.."Das a hoowwut." {That's a heart.}

:: having a girl talk fest with a co-worker during naptime

:: realizing that my difficult experiences, though specific, are also universal

:: "Hi Miss Leah!!!!!" greetings and running to the playground fence when I arrive

:: beauty from the ashes, a harvest from the barren

:: viewing the world through untainted, innocent eyes:

Pointing to a paint splatter on the ground, Cherub lets out an exclamation. What do you think he saw?

"That's blues clues!!" Do you see it?

May I continue counting forever these forever gifts, missing none, giving thanks for each and every.

holy experience


  1. I DO see it. Definitely Blue's Clues. :)

    I always appreciate reading these lists you write; thanks for sharing them with us.

    I think it's about time you and I got together again. What do you think? Oh, I just thought of something: are you heading north soon? back to MC?

  2. It's on "those days" that it's most important to recognize the blessings of God--elsewise we might despair.

    Sometimes on "those days" I can only utter one cry, simultaneously agony and thanksgiving "Who can deliver me from this body of death? I thank God, through Jesus Christ my Lord."

  3. Lovely list! What a blessing the innocence of a child is. :o)


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