Sunday, August 22, 2010

Re~evaluating Product and Success

I've been reminded

to "enjoy every inch of the mess . . .

. . . and those responsible for it."

The crumbs, the scattered toys, the chaotic play areas

are signs of life, and life lived together.

"Miss Picasso, please clean up the blocks you were playing with before you dump out the farm animals."

"Fireball, we don't roll the markers off the table on purpose. Please pick those up."

"Muffin, you know better than to slap the puddle of apple juice you just spilled. Wash your hands, and here's a paper towel to clean up your mess."

These are important lessons to teach young ones, but is a spotless classroom true success? A schedule with seamless and smooth transitions a sign of a good teacher? Are the products that truly matter the ones that are seen?

What about the invisible moments, the ones that no one but God sees, ones that change and shape these young lives? Perhaps, just maybe, my type~A tendencies need to fall by the wayside in order to truly invest in these moments of our lives intertwined that will vanish before I'm ready.

Even when my flip flops adhere to the sticky floors, ripping them off my feet and leaving them stuck to the floor in my wake.

"Sure, let's read another story. This sweeping can wait."

"So I saw that there is nothing better than that a {wo}man should rejoice in {her} work. . " ~Ecc. 3:22


  1. Absolutely love your post, and your blog :) thanks for stopping by to visit me, and I am now following the return.

  2. Hi Leah! I know, the whole "back to school" thing DOES put a damper on it, but I'm glad you're able to still enjoy the delights of fall regardless! Thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars today and saying hello (and for the congratulations on my frisbee golf triumph ;-)). Hope you're having a lovely day - I enjoyed this reminder to look past the obvious - which is sometimes mundane or messy, and appreciate the bigger picture in life!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments. I love your blog and I love the final verse you ended with.


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