Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

MckMama at began this little cathartic exercise in which bloggers can admit their imperfections and less proud moments under the pretense that, no, of course I did not do that. Hop on over to her blog to see even more Not Me Mondays. Most of her followers are mothers, but much time as I've spent with the 5-and-under population, I may as well be, right? Oh alright, perhaps not, but sometimes it feels that way.

In the past week I have certainly NOT replaced a well-balanced meal with a coffee smoothie of sorts just No, certainly not me.

I have not consistently stayed up 'til the wee hours of the morning writing, reading, drawing, photo editing, etc. AND (horror of horrors), watching TV. IrreSPONsible!!!

I do NOT look forward to the daily paper so I can complete the crossword in the puzzle section. My love affair with language and mental challenges would NOT propel me that far into the geek category.

That's all I can think of for now, but if you'd like to play along, just hop on over to My Charming Kids and join the fun! ;-)


  1. Hahaha, I loved this! I hope you continue to enjoy your coffee smoothies and crossword puzzles, I'd trade it for my homework any day!!!!

  2. Haha..glad you enjoyed it. I love any excuse to be sarcastic! Time to myself really has been necessary, but it seems so strange to me without homework that I'm doing some independent research. But no deadlines is definitely a good thing.


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