Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blog Title Explained

So...why Musings Aloud? and..grace notes? What's that supposed to mean?

So glad you asked ;-). Actually, some of you did inquire.

According to, musings are "meditations."

I'm a very contemplative person. Very rarely does anything come out of my mouth or manifest itself in an action without being thoroughly thought through (how's THAT for alliteration). Because I do thoughtfully consider my words and actions, I prefer to express myself in writing rather than impromptu speech, making sure everything sounds JUST the way I intend it to sound. Perfectionist? Perhaps. Sometimes my mental musings are so deep that I don't notice the silence around me due to the thoughts flowing in my mind at a conversational decibel.

This explains the musing part of my blog title, and the aloud portion simply refers to the recording of those thoughts. No longer do they just take up residence in my mind, but they're written and fleshed out in this virtual world known as the bLoGoSpHeRe.

On to the subtitle: grace notes. This ties in my musical background, as grace notes indicate a type of musical ornamentation. Also, grace refers to the undeserved favor, or mercy, that I need daily and is reflected in these "notes" that I write. Hopefully what I write can be a celebration of this chance of redemption given as an outpouring of God's love on humanity.

So, there you are my lovely (thought scant in number) readers! Blog title ExPlAiNeD.

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