Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard of February 2010

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the exciting weather we've been experiencing recently. While I love the appearance of snow, I do NOT love being housebound. Of course, safety is the hugest issue; for this reason, schools have been cancelled, including university classes. The second of the two major back-to-back snowstorms hit the north a bit harder, so my friends at Messiah and Temple are even more swamped at this point than we are in VA.

One very eventful blizzard for our family was the blizzard of 1993. This young lady made her debut into the world on that snowy Ides of March.

And she's been challenging the snow ever since ;-)

My mom had to ride part of the way to the hospital on a tractor. How's that for a hot ride in a luxury vehicle?

One thing that has struck me in particular this storm is how much the snow reminds me of sand! The winds have been especially treacherous, so the snow drifts and dunes much like sand. As the wind makes the snow blow across the roads, the white dusty powder has that wispy, swirling effect of blowing sand, and when the gusts are EsPeCiAlLy strong, I feel like I'm driving through a sandstorm. When I don't have the protection of my car, the blowing snow stings my face the same as the dry, loose sand does at the beach.

Aahhh...the beach. Reality is, this snow is snow. And all of this white stuff is piled SO HIGH in places that perhaps it won't disappear until the ice caps thaw.


  1. I had heard that story about your mom going into labor during the blizzard, but I thought she went to the hospital in a snow plow, not a tractor. I think a tractor would be even worse! Probably not as much heat as a snow plow. Brave woman! But she didn't exactly have a choice, did she?

    I'm looking forward to your Truth-Light-Hammer-Fire post tomorrow. :)

  2. Yes, it was definitely a tractor! My memory of the actual event is dim, but it's become an epic story in our family!


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