Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

(Ok, so I'm actually recording this early early early Wednesday morning).

Today I was substituting in the two year old class at the daycare center where I work. Smelling the telltale scent of a POOPY, I began making my rounds from toddler to toddler checking their diapers. I'm usually very talented at pinpointing the culprit whose diaper has the offensive odor...I'm just glamorous like that. While checking L****, I asked her, "Are you poopy?"

"No. I wear underwears," she said.

Sure enough, she was clean and homefree in her "underwears." I moved on to checking O***, only for L**** to run around behind my squatting self, pull back my underwear and jeans from my bum, and declare inquisitively,

"Miss Leah, are YOU poopy????"

Oh, the joys of uninhibited two year olds and their adorable modeling of adult roles! Even checking for poopy diapers.

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