Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old Dominion Coffee Company

In downtown H*burg, there's a gem of a coffee shop. a place that has been an escape for me, a refuge, a place of deep thinking and deep conversation: Old Dominion Coffee Company.

Anyone who sees me on a remotely regular basis notes that I always have a cold ice-blended coffee drink in my hand (like a Frappuccino, but less icy and more ice cream based). At five dollars a pop, these suckers add up....but. my wallet won't have to grieve much longer.

Unfortunately, this coffee shop is closing. On Monday I say goodbye to my favorite get-away spot and cathartic escape.

Sure, there's still LOTS of Starbucks around (of which I'm also a fan); however, after being accustomed to ODCC, Starbucks just seems unoriginal and cookie cutter-esque. perhaps like the pre-manufactured McMansions of upper class suburbia.

I'll surely miss the marriage of artsy/hipster and Old World styles that gives this special place its charm.

Farewell Old Dominion :-(. It's been a pleasure making memories and musing in your midst.

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