Monday, January 18, 2010

The End of an Era

Tears aren't far from surfacing as I sit here at my spot by the window for the last time. I got my last Chocolate Chunk Mocha Java Cooler of my life.

Teary eyes? Really? I'm such a dork. Pathetic, really. Considering how much more serious things have provoked tears recently. But I'm sentimental; what can I say?

No more fab five, either. I'm sure I'll post more about "the regulars" at the coffee shop at a later time. I do wonder where the elderly man and former journalist will spend his evenings from now on. And I wonder where the homeless man will pop in to warm up during these cold winter days. Or where the man with the fake British accent will blast his Italian opera music much too loud for it to be by accident.

Thank you Balding Owner, Hurley from Lost, Blonde Emo Dude, and Dreadlocks Girl for serving me my coffee.



  1. I didn't know they were closing. What a bummer. I loved their English Toffee Steamer. If I had read this earlier, I would have had to come in for one last one. I wonder what will take its place?

  2. It's a huge bummer! Right now it's empty; I don't think it's been sold yet. Hopefully another coffeeshop will take its place :-)


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