Monday, November 15, 2010

When I'm a Mommy. . .

How will I guide my children in the way they should go,
when I am still myself figuring all this out?

How will I teach them to value & respect their bodies,
while avoiding the obsessive modesty standards that seems to say, "I am what I wear."?

How will I teach them that certain behaviors are unacceptable,
while encouraging kind & nonjudgmental hearts towards those who make different choices?

How can I justify primping in the mirror every morning,
while insisting that character trumps outward appearance?

How will I protect them from the dangers "out there" in the world,
while allowing them to hurt as God hurts when He sees suffering & injustice?

How will I teach them HOW to think,
 without attempting to teach them WHAT to think? 

How will I teach them the importance of being grounded & stable,
while encouraging them to live the questions, be inquisitive, always ready to learn something new?

How will I tell them that I am their support & advocate, that I'll always have their back,
when I know that I will fail them?

How will I teach them what I believe & pour my heart into forming them into adults,
yet gracefully accept when they come to believe differently than Mommy believes?

How will I give them roots
. . . and wings?


  1. i think about these things concerning mommyhood often. only by the grace of God will we know what to do I suppose!

  2. Beautiful ponderings.

    You know, the fact that you think about these truths is huge -- you're aware of what you desire to see being taught.


  3. What a great post! Just thinking about these things and writing them down proves you will be a wonderful mommy some day!


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