Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The ABC's of Thanks

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

:a:  all of us; humans & all creation~ shalom
:b:  break~through moments
:c:  chocolate
:d:  dreams
:e:  education
:f field experiences in the early learning center & elementary schools
:g:  gatherings of family & friends
:h:  hearts ♥ ♥
:i:  intentionally serving
:j:  Jesus
:k:  kisses  xxx
:l:  little ones; namely, MY little ones {you knew that one was coming}
:m:  mocha java cooler crunch coffees {you also knew THAT one was coming}
:n:  new beginnings
:o:  open minds, eyes, ears. . .doors
:p:  Philadelphia
:q:  quaint coffeeshops
:r:  resiliency
:s:  Stacy, a friend like none other
:t:  teaching
:u:  urban culture & urban education
:v:  violin; though I haven't played recently, the ability to play & know music has been a gift
:w:  words & The Word who was & is God
:y:  youth {my K sisters & my "ia" triplets}
:z:  zzzzzzzzzz's ...aka, rest


  1. What an amazing list! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Leah, I am blessed reading your list. And, I must say, that I am blessed by you. Your honesty is refreshing, and I am always encouraged by the comments and posts that you write. Thank you for being you.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


  3. Oh, and I love M -- Mocha Java Cooler Crunches -- Oh my!!



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