Monday, November 22, 2010

Allow Me to Be Petty For Just A Moment. . .

. . .
while I take a break
from the not~so~petty pre~Thanksgiving
crunch time that has left me up to my ears
in practicum observation reports
& online quizzes
& lesson plans
& pointillism for two year~olds
&. . .

Some of my blogging pet peeves:

:: using word stubs like "delish", "presh", "maybs" & "hubs"...I've maybe done this in a comment or two before, but the problem is that my brain repeats what it hears & sees.  I annoy myself.  It's true.

:: syrupy sweetness.  Now, if this is the blogger's true style, the posts can be really quite homey & cute!  However, I have a very sensitive BS detector with an alarm that goes off if it senses...well...BS.

:: pre~packaged comments like, "Thanks for sharing!"  You may as well have said, "I'm just popping my head in here to invite you to click over to my blog, comment, & follow." 

:: when people get mad at their followers for not contributing enough $ to whatever cause they are currently championing.  I LOVE when bloggers use their blog as a platform for supporting altruistic organizations, but when it doesn't turn out as the host blogger had envisioned, reading a huge guilt trip rant does no one any good.

::  punctuating! the! end! of! every! sentence! with! an! exclamation! point!  Is! it! really! that! exciting!???  Well! then! carry! on!!!!!

:: excessive complaining in general {this post might qualify, huh? ;-)}.  But seriously, can you tell  that it makes me want to pull my hair out when people don't realize that there's life outside of blogging & people that exist outside of themselves?

/pettiness.  Back to the daily grind. : )


  1. hmm...i definitely say delish & hubs probably often. whoops! sorry if that annoys you : )

  2. I 100% agree on every single one of these... especially the exclamation marks. That bugs me so much! It makes the person sound very ditzy. :P

  3. Thanks! for! sharing!

    You're the sweetest girl I've ever met! And the prettiest!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  4. OK, seriously... :)

    I'm sitting here scratching my head and trying to figure out which ones of these I actually do. I'm guessing the syrupy sweetness might apply to me, eh? And yes, I probably do use too many exclamation points. I'll try to work on it! :)

    Here's my pet peeve: blogs that become--or start out--as nothing more than a site for give-aways and book reviews. Where's the content, people? If I read your blog, I want to hear about your life, not be fed an advertisement for some publishing house or other business.

    Wait, I forgot the exclamation points.

    ...other business!!


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