Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday :: Christmas Edition

I've been blessed with some work hours at the daycare center over this Christmas break.  Next week I work every day for 8 hours!  Last week I worked 3:00 to close, & during those times I gleaned two little Christmas~themed tiny talk nuggets to share.

Here's a picture of the featured gals {taken last summer}:

Too bad they lack so much in cuteness & personality {sarcasm}! ;-)

Miss polka dots on the left was so excited about making pretend gingerbread men in our class after reading The Gingerbread Man.  She later related how she decorated her craft, and apparently not understanding her explanation, one of my co~workers asked, "What is it that you  made?"

"A chickenbread man!" she replied excitedly.  

Go ahead & say "chickenbread man" out loud; it does sound quite like "gingerbread man"!

Miss baby blues on the right has been featured on Tiny Talk Tuesday several times before & maybe some other blog posts too, but I can't really post her picture AND use the alias that I've given her {because then certain events that I've related before will start getting matched with images of certain children, & I'm not comfortable with that.}  

Anyways, as this little one was opening a mini gift bag that was given to her by a classmate, she pulled out two candy canes & exclaimed with glee, "Look!  TWO candy lands!"

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  1. Thanks for coming over my blog. You've got a wonderful blog. Congratulations for your new job!!Following you.

  2. Seriously - SO CUTE! I love little ones. The two candy lands is such an adorable mix up!

  3. can't there be a 'tiny talk' posing every day? why just tuesdays? :P


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