Thursday, December 2, 2010

On Roots & Wings

My heart and my wings scream city skylines, subways, rowhouses, inner city teacher, & urban nomad of the downtown fast~paced & gentrified.  Yet, there is no doubting the bit of mountain & farm country blood that flows through my veins, diluted by time & experience.

At my mom's mother's home, she sees me open my red paisley messenger bag & remove my lap top, set up my materials & settle in with my companion through many nights of tireless work~ a companion monitor~faced and garbed with keyboard & touch pad.  

"You gonna study?  I guess you probably want online, don't you?"

"You all don't have online?" I ask, already knowing, eyes round in mock shock.

"No, the only line we have is the clothes line out back.  And it's in full service." 


  1. LOL... oh, leah, this is priceless! i love it! it reminds me of my husband's parents' place when i first met them. (now they have 'online' :))... what a world we live in, hey? i'm so glad you linked, friend. i hope you will again.

  2. "No, the only line we have is the clothes line out back. And it's in full service."

    *laughing* that's awesome!!!!


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