Sunday, September 19, 2010

MiScellaNy MoNdAy

{1} someone get these squirrels a Nicoderm patch.

In the winter/spring of 2009, I spent a semester at the Philadelphia campus belonging to my former college. Part of this experience included taking courses at Philadelphia's own Temple University.
Fun fact about Temple University: The squirrels that frequent Temple University's campus allegedly have a nicotine addiction because they chew on the cigarette buttes galore smoked and littered by the Temple students.

{2} the three~story crash.

Speaking of college craziness, an apartment in a local college complex collapsed last Friday night. A party was in full swing on the third floor, the floor gave way, and many people crashed through to the ground floor. The result: crushed pelvic bones and clavicles, injured spines and numb legs.
I tell you this because my young 15 year~old friend was one of those who fell. Her eye was busted and people fell on her head after she crashed to the ground from the third floor; she was taken to the hospital in one of the ambulances.
I stopped by her home on Saturday to check in with her and give her a get well gift card to her favorite restaurant, Chipotle. She is doing well, but please pray that the vision in her injured eye will be restored and for the other people injured in the accident. I'm thankful that no one's injuries are life~threatening.

{3} almost autumn. fairly fall.


All of the "autumn is here!!!" gleeful celebrations make me think, "Oh yeah? Where?" We're still having daily temps in the 80s around here.
I've already made the first step in transitioning to this new season, and that is accepting that I'm back in school. ;-) The second step is one over which I have no control, and that is for the weather to match the season. However, we've been experiencing such beautiful days, it's difficult to wish too hard for some aerial crispness. One seasonal trademark that I HAVE been enjoying, though, is apple cider from our local orchard!

{4} not a bed of roses.

Have you heard of Iya Isoke? She's a poet laureate in Harrisburg, PA, a place where I have many fond memories. {If you're ever in Harrisburg, you must visit City Island and Cafe di Luna}. But back to Iya Isoke. . .
She once spoke a quote about the practice of writing to which I deeply identify. These words may as well be my own, if only I were as eloquently articulate and poetic:

"I have tried looking at the world through rose~colored glasses, but the thorns of reality continue to pierce my eyes, and so I blink back the bloody tears and write what I see."

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  1. Hi Leah~ That is hilarious about the squirrels! Oh my goodness - what a riot! So sorry to hear about your friend and the accident. I'm sure that was tremendously scary.- Yes, it's almost Fall here in the SW part of the state! Some trees are starting to turn, and the nights are chilly! I think I saw on the weather that next week was going to be 70s for highs. Sure sounds like Fall to me :-D! Oh and yes, I started selling AVON as a "helper" before I was even a teenager! Happy Tuesday to ya...


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